METSO habitats

The METSO Programme is aimed at helping forest owners conserve the forests that constitute valuable habitats for different species.There are ten forested habitats of particular biodiversity value: 

  1. Herb-rich forests
  2. Heathland forests with high biodiversity values
  3. Mires with high biodiversity values
  4. Riparian forests
  5. Swampy woodlands and wooded flood meadows
  6. Sunlit slopes on sandy esker ridges
  7. Biodiversity sites along emergent coastlines
  8. Wooded heritage biotopes
  9. Wooded habitats on calcium-rich bedrock and ultra-alkaline soil
  10. Wooded cliffs, bluffs and boulder fields important for biodiversity

The site selection criteria define which habitats are to be protected under the programme. The criteria cover the most important habitats and structural features in Finland’s forests in terms of biodiversity. Another important selection criterion is the proximity to the current network of protected areas. Impacts on economic activities, recreation, tourism and cultural values may also be considered.